Partner: Brindz Marketing Promocional
Country: Brazil
Client: Unilever (Kibon)

Case: Kibon’s promotional campaign ‘World of Kibon’ mascots

Kibon, owned by Unilever, is one of the most popular ice cream brands in Brazil. Well known for its vast promotions, the brand paired up with Brindz Marketing Promotional in 2011 to embark on yet another remarkable promotional scheme…

Brindz developed five beautifully designed spoons for Kibon’s promotional campaign. The prototypes were made ‘in-house’ with their own prototyping machine (Z-Corp 650) to maintain full control of the design process. Highly specialized molds with 4 cavities each were strategically used to garantee the equal distribution of raw materials.The advanced techniques used by Brindz ensured the increase of productivity and the decrease of production costs: whilst creating a very high quality end product.

The spoons have metal heads with distinctively designed handles: in different colors representing the different Kibon ice cream flavors. The designs showcase the brands iconic logo as well as the ‘World of Kibon’ mascots. The added feature: made of a special material, the handles have a similar texture to ice cream! And of course, thanks to Brindz’s technical expertise, all materials and processes used are in full compliance with the relevant food and child safety standards.
The collection truly captured and exceeded Unilever’s expectations, so much so that additional orders were finally added to the initial 1 million pieces: a great testimony to the success of the operation and Brindz’s creative and production capabilities.

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