Partner: Langhoff Promotion Philippines, Inc.
Country: Philippines
Client: Nestle Philippines

Case: Nescafe and Coffee-mate synergy campaign

In the early part of 2012, Nescafé Classic and Coffee-mate, two Nestle Philippines brands launched a campaign to promote the synergy of the 2 products.

Langhoff Promotion helped Nestle come up with a concept that comprised of 2 custom-designed spoons in red and beige representing the corporate color of each brand. The spoons have curved ‘mug rest’ handles that form a heart when they are placed opposite each other: conveying the message that the two products form a whole.

To take things a step further and create optimal in-store impact, Nestlé and Langhoff Philippines carried out a complete in-store ‘synergy’ campaign. Both the Nescafé and Coffee-mate products were given special packaging with transparent windows revealing their contents: the beige spoons were placed with packets of Nescafé coffee, and the red spoons were packed with Coffee-mate creamer sachets. Perfect synergy: in order to make the perfect cup of coffee, you need both a spoonful of Nescafé coffee and of Coffee-mate creamer...

As with all IPPAG manufactured products, and thanks to the groups’ technical know-how, the spoons were compliant with all the relevant regulations: i.e.: the overall migration test for food contact, heavy metals testing, etc…

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