Partner: CIPI SPA.
Country: Italy
Client: Carlsberg

Case: Calsberg celebrates summer with a trade incentive operation

To increase sales and stimulate repeated orders of Carlsberg beer, the company launched a very exciting trade incentive operation. Their sales representatives went to their customers: Italian bars and pubs, carrying “Carlsberg Summer Passion Beach Kit 2011” flyers. Customers were awarded with a “Summer Kit” for every purchase of two beer kegs.

Each “Summer Kit” consisted of: a pouch, two pairs of sunglasses, a bikini, swimming trunks, and a mesh bottomed beach bag.

CIPI’s expertise at creating specially assembled kits, composed of cleverly chosen products, with harmonious designs and colors, combined with their ability for speedy assembling and delivery: all contributed to the great success of the operation: customers were delighted with the ‘one stop’ solution: ready-made, pre-assembled kits, perfectly adapted to this summer promotion.

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