Do you dare put your logo on just about anything?

We don't! Therefore, we work intensively and serious with implementation and maintenance of Code of Conduct, UN Guiding principles and the Global Compact Agreement towards our suppliers.Through our partnership in IPPAG, Langhoff Promotion is taking the lead within the industry in ensuring responsible sourcing.


  Auditing of producers - When necessary, we can ensure compliance with your code of conduct and corporate social responsibility requirements through auditing in accordance with recognized standards, such as. SA-8000 or SMETA. We can send an auditor to any unit of production within 48 hours.


  Production Management - For large volume orders, we can ensure that your production is on schedule and lives up to your quality standards through one or more inspection during production and prior to shipment.


  Product Testing - We can include any kind of product test in our final offer upon your request. The testing is carried out by a third-party inspection team based on your specific requirements.  

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not just a signature on a piece of paper. It is a process and a change of attitude. As an active member of the UN Global Compact, we have carefully reviewed and revised our supply chain so we can vouch for the products that we offer our customers.

Through our partnership in the global Industry Association "International Partnership for Premiums And Goods" (IPPAG), we ensure effective ways to minimize our impact on the environment and poor working conditions. Through partnership with our suppliers, we have established a network where suppliers comply with our production requirements and help them improve on key areas of importance to us and our clients.

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