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For almost 40 years, Langhoff Promotion has been offering a full-service solution to different local and multinational clients all over Europe and Asia. From our rich origins in Denmark, Langhoff Promotion expanded by establishing regional offices in the Philippines and Thailand to cater the blooming demands for promotional gifts and giveaways in Asia.

Our international partnerships with different organizations also play a huge part for the company’s success, with Prominate, formerly known as IPPAG, an international cooperative made up of more than 25 country members worldwide, being one of them. Through this, Langhoff Promotion leads the industry in ensuring responsible sourcing and trade security.

Key points

• Well-documented CSR program of promotional items.

• Factory audits are available for display as well as our Product tests.

• More than 100 audited factories globally ensure you a wide and trustworthy range.

EPPA Gold certificeret CSR

In 2014, Langhoff Promotion becomes the first Danish company in the business of promotional items to receive a Gold Certification in the EPPA Certification Program which is audited by Bureau Veritas. This is the highest recognition within responsible sourcing. It is a formal verification of our working tools, processes, and supplier focus. We are very proud of being an EPPA Gold Certified CSR.

Our abilities of sourcing globally enhance your options significantly to create your own expression. As a shareholder and DK Service Partner for IPPAG Global Promotions, an international organization, and with our combined purchasing power, we are in a very strong position to select, audit and certify the primary producers and suppliers in the Far East.

Our partnership in IPPAG ensures an effective way to minimize our impact on the environment and poor working conditions. Our partnerships with suppliers established a network where they comply with our strict production requirements.



International commitment has always been essential to our business.

To be the best business partner and preferred supplier of innovative promotional solutions, even to the largest and most stringent multinational companies, we are now shareholder to 3 international partnerships. IPPAG Cooperative, Prominate Ltd. and Eurimage A/S.

IPPAG Global Promotions is a global joint venture company providing full service global solutions for promotional products.

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At Langhoff Promotion A/S, we set high standards for safety, quality and integrity of our products and processes.

By respecting the rights of individuals and the environment, we commit to our high standards.

Download our Code of Conduct and get more information on our commitment in complying with all applicable (local) laws and look at how we conduct business in an ethical and responsible manner.



BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) is an independent international networking organization focusing on working conditions in production countries that have not incorporated human and employee rights into local legislation. Members of the BSCI network perform audit of factories in risk countries such as China.

With the membership of BSCI, we emphasize Langhoff Promotion’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, where we work every day to ensure that our cooperation with suppliers not only about price, quantity and delivery, but also about product control, labor rights and working conditions.

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Langhoff Creative Studio is our in-house graphic department consisting of 8 dedicated and creative graphic designers. Our graphic design team ensures a trustworthy approach to your corporate visual identity and manages the guidelines with creativity within the agreed framework.

Therefore, let us take care of Your corporate visual identity and we will comply with Your guidelines for corporate colors, logo, placement and much more
“we protect your brand!”

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